Hi, my name is Pedram.
Welcome to my space!

I'm on a mission to expand our collective consciousness, I'm also an advocate for mental health & alternative healing. Plus I geek out on marketing, tech, growth, and psychology.
About Brooklyn

I am experienced in all aspects of running a successful online business from creating products and services all the way to launching and marketing them online while managing the entire process.

In the past, I’ve been helping clients with making and marketing transformational products and services as well as building brands, communities, launching online courses, coaching programs and live events.

I previously worked in the media and production industry. During that time, I helped with producing visual effects for blockbuster movies for Hollywood studios. I also produced animated explainer demo videos for fortune 100 companies as well as many Silicon Valley startups. There are a couple of ways that I may be able to help you:

1. Heart-centered Marketing for Mental Health Professionals:

We help mental health professionals specializing in alternative healing amplify their mission through heart-centered marketing so they can make a bigger impact. You can learn more here.

2. Mental Health and Well-being for Modern Parents:

I’ve co-founded The Fulfilled Parent movement with my wife to help modern parents live more meaningful and fulfilling lives. You can learn more here.

About Brooklyn

My Beliefs And Values

I’ve created this to present my beliefs and values so I can only work with those who also think and feel the same way. I hope it can also act as a source of inspiration for others.


Love and respect all other beings in our universe.


Why compete when you can collaborate to do bigger things.


Have an analytical eye to make better judgments & decisions.


Think outside the box and innovate with a new perspective.


Spend time with like-minded & like-hearted people.


Always give back and deliver more than expected.

What People Say

Here are what some of my previous clients have to say about their experience with my consulting and coaching services.

I like Pedram's understanding of product and marketing strategy and his genuine goodness. Pedram's perseverance to solve problems is relentless and comes from a place of deep caring.

Mehrdad Fatourechi | CTO - BroadbandTV Corp

Pedram was reliable, detailed oriented, and always did his best to make clients happy and deliver projects on time. He was a pleasure to work with and I miss his great attitude and professionalism.

Miguel Hernandez | CEO - Grumo Media

Pedram was punctual, multi-talented and always delivered more than expected. For our Android app, Pedram identified all the pieces that were missing and laid out a plan of action for completing the project.

Ben Syne | CEO - DogSync App

I definitely recommend Pedram's coaching program to anyone that’s looking for more fulfillment, looking to understand why they’re here, why they’re doing what they are doing or what do they want to do next.

Alberto Cardinalli | Software Dev Expert

Connect With Me

I’d love to get connected so we can keep in touch. Most of the times, you can find me on one of these channels. 

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.