Validate and Build a Successful Product

My consulting services are designed to help you quickly and efficiently launch a software product that people love to use.

Launch Your New Product With Ease

Put a prototype in front of your potential customers to validate new solutions quickly and efficiently.

Collect initial customer feedback to improve your prototype before launching a full version of your product.

How to Mitigate your initial risk and maximize your product success

Most new products fail not because entrepreneurs don’t know how to build them but often because they miss the validation process or they build features that nobody wants to use.

I’m here to change that. I have a different method that helps you validate the need for your product idea from multiple angles without wasting time and money.

We’d start with an initial 2-week period to fully understand the most important challenges so that we can come up with an actionable roadmap. This period then is followed by a 90-day program where we’ll execute the roadmap that was created.a

Generally speaking, there are two main phases in the lifecycle of a productDiscovery and Delivery. My consulting services are designed based on these phases to maximize the success of your product. Below you can learn more about each phase.


This initial phase focuses on the early validation of an existing problem. It aims to discover a specific type of customer who is in need of a new solution. This phase helps you answer the most important questions at this early stage.

The 3 most important questions

  • WHY does this problem exists and why are we the ones to go about solving it?

  • WHAT exact problem are we solving and what exact solution are we offering?

  • HOW can we create a solution that will solve the identified problem at scale?

What product discovery achieves

  • Identifying and defining the exact problem and the big risks that will need to be tackled as soon as possible

  • Obtaining clarity of purpose and alignment among the team and the problem(s) to be solved

  • Defining and describing the problem, who it affects as well as its root causes

Initial 2-week period outcomes

  • Basic Competitor Analysis

  • Product Hook Discovery

  • Usage Analytics Review

Following 90-day period Outcomes

  • Customer Development Interviews

  • Advance Competitor Analysis

  • Validation Through Prototyping


Once a specific customer and a problem have been discovered, the next phase focuses on launching and growing a solution. This phase leverages the data from users and market trends to develop successful features.

The 2 parts of Product Delivery

  • PRODUCT LAUNCH: Planning and developing the most important features for a successful launch

  • FEATURE DEVELOPMENT: Shipping new features based on the usage data and user feedback

The main goals of product delivery

  • Creating a product development cycle that clarifies roles and responsibilities for the team

  • Ensuring the team follows the best practices and methods such as The Lean Startup, Agile, Scrum, etc

Initial 2-week period outcomes

  • Interview all the major stakeholders to further understand and define the most pressing issues

  • Document what’s working vs what could improve throughout the development cycle

  • Create and propose a 90-day execution roadmap to tackle the identified challenges

Following 90-day period Outcomes

  • Execution of the approved & accepted roadmap in chunks of 2-week sprints including sprint reviews

  • Validating and launching new features to new and existing users and developing KPIs

  • Incorporating quantitative and qualitative research into the product development process

What my clients have to say

Here are what some of my consulting clients have to say about hiring my services and working with me directly.

VISO Catalyst

Web App

Mehrdad Fatourechi

Helping YouTube Creators Optimize Their Videos

I like Pedram’s understanding of product and marketing strategy and his genuine goodness. Pedram’s perseverance to solve problems is relentless and comes from a place of deep caring. Pedram has provided us with a much better vision as to how we should focus our development efforts and we have been able to better shape the direction of our product roadmap.

Mehrdad Fatourechi

CTO - BroadbandTV Corp


Mobile App

Ben Syne

Helping People Better Take Care Of Their Pet Dogs

Pedram is punctual, multi-talented and always delivered more than expected but the best part was that he is able to work well without much instruction or monitoring. Since Pedram worked with us, our Android app which was previously on the shelf is well underway. He identified all the pieces that were missing and laid out a plan of action for completing the project.

Ben Syne

CEO - DogSync

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