December 13, 2017 Pedram Dara

The Project Love MasterHeart Pay It Forward

A game-changing experience in Costa Rica to awaken paradise on earth!

Except for your flight, your MasterHeart ticket includes EVERYTHING:

— Cozy Accommodation

— Tasty Organic Meals

— Local Transfers

— Coaching Sessions

— Epic Adventures

— Yoga and Meditation 

— Join us during or after Envision Festival


Please note that the minimum contribution is $3,200 USD per person including Envision Festival and $2,500 USD per person without Envision Festival. However, since ALL the proceeds from this event will be used for the co-creation of The Project Love’s first community, if you’re in a place to give more to the project, please follow your heart and choose a number that you prefer. Thank you!


Q) What if my plans change and I can’t attend?

A) You can always use your ticket for a future event. There are 4 events every year.

Q) Can I attend the Envision Festival with this ticket??

A) Yes, as long as your contribution is above $3,200 USD you’ll be able to attend Envision Festival from Feb 21st until Feb 26th and then join the MasterHeart until Mar 4th.

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