December 13, 2017 Pedram Dara

The Project Love MasterHeart Without Envision Festival


A game-changing experience in Costa Rica to awaken paradise on earth!

Except for your flight, your MasterHeart ticket includes EVERYTHING:

— Cozy Accommodation

— Tasty Organic Meals

— Local Transfers

— Coaching Sessions

— Epic Adventures

— Yoga and Meditation 

— Join us after Envision Festival

The full experience is a total of 7 days from Feb 26 to Mar 4 for the MasterHeart. Please use the button below to join and we can’t wait to see you in paradise!


Please note that the minimum contribution is $2,500 USD per person. However, ALL the proceeds from this event will be used for the co-creation of The Project Love’s first community. So if you’re in a place to give more, please use this link.


Q) What if my plans change and I can’t attend?

A) You can always use your ticket for a future event. There are 4 events every year.

Q) Can I attend the Envision Festival with this ticket?

A) No, if you want to attend the Envision Festival, you should join us from Feb 21st until Mar 4th. Please use this link for that option.

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